How It Works

Comparing FANMA Series Smokeless Electric Teppanyaki Tables to Older Models

The FANMA™ Series Smokeless Electric Teppanyaki Table is the first UL Listed self-contained downdraft system. The FANMA™ Series Smokeless Electric Teppanyaki Table eliminates the costly expenses of constructing outside vents, fans, and gas lines resulting in less maintenance and repair costs. Less construction also leads to fewer permits and inspections. The FANMA™ Series Smokeless Electric Teppanyaki Table applies a patented filtration system capturing an unprecedented 100% of the smoke moving over the cooking surface.

Fanma Comparsion

Old Updraft System

Older teppanyaki models feature a fixed hooded vent suspended over the grill. Grease and oil-laden air are released through hard-to-reach ducts and outside fans. Unfortunately, this grease and oil spreads across dining area walls, furniture, ceilings, and even your customers. Other issues to consider:
  • Additional costs of hooded vents, ducts, and outside fans.
  • Professional cleaners required to clean vent and duct work.
  • In the event you need to move your table(s) to another location, disassembly and movement of these tables is costly because they are permanent fixtures.
  • Regulating makeup air is made more difficult and expensive with older systems.
  • Makeup air is outside air which is introduced into the building to replace air that is exhausted from the building through ventilation or combustion processes.
old updraft system

Old Downdraft System

This system operates on a similar vented draft process as the traditional updraft, except the cooking exhaust is drawn off the table and into the ducts running under the floor of your restaurant. Drawbacks include:

  • Higher costs from installation of underground ducts.
  • Cooking grease settles in underground ducts, resulting in high bacteria levels and unpleasant odors.
  • Eliminating duct odor is costly and difficult.
old downdraft system
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